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This survey will ask you to indicate how often you see or experience a number of different behaviors or situations within your church/spiritual center. There are no right or wrong answers -- please read each item carefully and provide your true opinion for each statement. Please don't answer as you would like things to be or how you think they should be, but rather how you honestly experience your community. Here are some guidelines to consider when responding:

  • Please answer each demographic question that may appear at the beginning of the assessment. 
  • ONLY USE the "Sometimes" response in cases where the behavior or situation in question occurs regularly but not frequently.
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Thank you again for taking the time to complete this survey! Your feedback is critical in helping us nurture AND transform our spiritual communities.

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Tell us about your opinions and experience...
Based on what I see and experience, I'd say... Almost Never Seldom Sometimes Often Almost Always
There are regular classes and workshops that honor our rich heritage and Unity teachings.
Congregants are encouraged to find new ways to collaborate with leadership in order to grow the community
Diversity, change and risk are seen as signs of congregational health
Those in leadership roles forsake tradition and stability in an attempt to be current and relevant
Leadership and congregants embrace the tension of relating past traditions to present realities
Leadership is regularly engaged in learning and implementing the latest trends in ministry in order to stay relevant
Based on what I see and experience, I'd say... Almost Never Seldom Sometimes Often Almost Always
Congregational life and activities don’t seem relevant to current issues.
Our Sunday services are rote, meaning a new person (or anyone perhaps) might not feel inspired.
Changes are seen as a threat to current culture and practices
Sunday services are comfortable, soothing, recognizable and familiar.
Conflict and chaos created by change has caused some people to leave or withhold donations
People believe the church identity has changed for the worse and isn’t “theirs” anymore
Based on what I see and experience, I'd say... Almost Never Seldom Sometimes Often Almost Always
Leadership works to ensure the congregation is rooted in its successes.
Our identity is clearly rooted in foundational Unity principles and practices.
Leadership/Board sees itself as a management group, keeping all the wheels greased and the motor running smoothly.
There is an over-focus on what has worked in the past, not scanning the horizon for new ways of doing church.
For the prompts below, please provide any comments or testimonials in your own words.
How has your church/spiritual center changed in the last 10 years, if at all
What is the financial health of your church/spiritual center
What do you enjoy the most about your church/spiritual center